Watch Paris Hilton Sex Tape: One Night in Paris

Paris Hilton Sex Tape
Paris Hilton might have been the daughter of the rich Hilton group, but she does have a dark side to her and it was blatantly exposed by the DVD called ‘One Night in Paris’. People should have been surprised only if the sex tape was not a success. This is because the tape has all the ingredients that a person who watches a sex tape looks for. It was made in 2001, but still it remains one of the best-selling sex tapes of all time. While clearly most of the praise must go to Paris Hilton and her ex-boyfriend Rick Salomon, credit must also go to the porn company that released this tape.

There are plenty of videos around the net claiming to be the real Paris Hilton sex tapes, but unfortunately only very few legal sites actually sell this sex tape still. It represents the best opportunity for you to catch a glimpse of Paris Hilton in her naked glory. The bogus videos that are currently selling online contain videos that are not meant for adding to the final Paris Hilton sex tape. So, you will be getting only half the enjoyment of what you should be getting actually with such bogus videos.

Going legal is probably the best way to enjoy the tape. One can get a taste of everything from oral to the actual sexual intercourse in this sex tape. There are rumours that Paris Hilton was paid up to $400,000 for letting this film to be released. Even though Paris Hilton has denied that she did not want to this tape to be released, it proves to be the best option not only for us as viewers, but also for Paris Hilton herself. This sex tape is one thing that you should not miss.

You can watch the full sex tape here.

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