Watch Kim Kardashian & Ray J Sex Tape

Paris Hilton sextape

You’ve probably heard of the infamous Kim Kardashian sex tape stills that are floating around the internet but you’ve never seen images quite like these. The editors have stopped the video at key moments to show you how down and dirty these two celebrities will get with each other. This gives you the optimum amount of luscious, sexy eye-candy for your viewing pleasure as the video downloads to your computer. What should you expect from the Kim Kardashian sex tape stills? One scene features Ray J fucking Kim Kardashian from behind; bringing his lips down to kiss hers as his cock is buried in her pussy to the hilt. Her expression is one of pure pleasure, making you want to see the entire sex tape for yourself.

While another scene features Kim Kardashian’s lush, full lips wrapped around Ray J’s thick dick. She looks like she’s very enthusiastic about giving him a deep-throated, wet blowjob while one of his hands is wrapped tightly in her long, dark hair. She looks even more beautiful with a black cock in her mouth and you’ll wish it was yours she’s so optimistic about sucking. Kim Kardashian’s eyes are sultry and sexy; staring through the camera to hold your gaze and give you a personalized strip-tease through the camera lens.

Some of the Kim Kardashian sex tape stils are focused specifically on the curves of her body and the slope of her ample ass. She loves to entice Ray J by flashing her large pinkish nipples at the camera while he’s sitting between her legs. You’ll get an up-close and personal view of her neatly shaven twat after Ray J removes her panties to lick what lies beneath them. He holds the camera close enough that you can see the subtle flick of his big tongue against the tenderness of her swollen clit. You can imagine how Kim Kardashian would moan and writhe, begging him to make her cum. There are several scenes where he is simply grinning; the smile of a man in complete control of his woman’s orgasmic experience.

The Kim Kardashian sex tape stills are the next best thing when it comes to seeing the celebrity porn video. It gives you just enough to know what’s happening but keeps you wanting to see more with every scene. You’ll be rushing to download a copy of this ultra-alluring and passionate fuck-fest here.

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