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Tupac Shakur’s Sex Tape Sold

TMZ reports that the infamous Tupac Shakur's sex tape has been sold to an unnamed collector. It is thought that the previous owner decided not to sell the sex tape to a company, who could then make vast sums of money. Even though there has been no official word regarding the money that exchanged hands, it is thought that there were a lot of buyers with $ 1 million to spend on the Tupac Shakur's sex tape. Even though the length of the tape is only 5 minutes, it shows the legendary rapper in a room Read more [...]

Tupac Shakur Sex Tape To Be Blocked

Tupac Shakur's family has adamantly denied that the supposedly rumoured sex tape of the rapper will be released in the near future. TMZ obtained images of the rapper that clearly showed him receiving oral pleasure from a female. In addition to this, the site also claims that the rapper was heard singing one of his famous rap items. Major companies have reportedly offered the mysterious person who possesses the tape around $150,000. It is also reported that one of these companies is the major porn Read more [...]