Karrine Steffans & Mr Marcus Video: Superhead Sex Tape

Paris Hilton Sex Tape
Karrine Steffans or Superhead as she is popularly known is quite good looking and it is not a surprise to learn that she has had a sex tape that features her released. It will also be not of great surprise to learn that she has already opened her fake rack numerous times because of being a hip-hop girl. In fact, her portfolio involves a number of professions as well. You will be certainly surprised to know that writing books is actually a part of it. However, the three books that she has written so far mainly feature sex or love in one way or the other.

So, Karrine Steffans “Superhead” sex tape might seem to be the ideal consequence of such a lifestyle and it is one thing that will certainly not cause you to frown. This is because apart from having a wonderful body, even though it might be fake, Karrine Steffans lends fantastic character to the film. The Karrine Steffans “Superhead” sex tape is also enhanced by the presence of her ex-husband Darius McCrary. They both meet up beside a pool and in the open environment, they begin their quest. This sex tape will certainly appeal to those who love outdoor action.

Everything from top to bottom in sex happens outdoor and just when you thought that, it was the end of the action, Darius McCrary and Karrine Steffans head indoors to continue where they left off. It has to be said that the indoor action is certainly better than the outdoor one partly due to the extreme close-up shots that come about in the second half of the film. It is not known exactly how much Karrine Steffans got as a result of this sex tape, but assuming from the quality of the film, one can easily see that it will be in the six figures.

You can watch the full sextape here.

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