David Arquette’s Mistress Has A Sex Tape

A new sex tape could be hitting the stands and it will feature David Arquette’s mistress. Yes, the same woman who Arquette had a secret fling after separating from Courteney Cox will have a sex tape soon. Jasmine Waltz had a secret relationship with David Arquette for a short while and it was during this period that the sex tape is said to have been made. Initially, Jasmine Waltz claimed that David Arquette was releasing the sex tape without her consent. However, it now seems that it is indeed Waltz herself who is planning to release the tape.

There is no doubt that she is lured by the riches on offer should she release one such tape. Waltz has seen the likes of Kim Kardarshian and Paris Hilton storm to fame with their sex tapes. Apparently, she is currently negotiating a deal with porn major Vivid Entertainment, although this deal will see her pocket much less than Kim Kardarshian and Paris Hilton did with their sex tapes. A figure of $60,000 is likely to get exchanged if the deal does go through. The sex tape is also likely to feature private conversations between the two in addition to the numerous adult scenes.

Apart from getting publicised for the sex tape, Jasmine Waltz is also quite famous for getting into trouble more often than not. The most recent high profile incident coming in the form of a fight with Lindsay Lohan.

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