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Famous Sex Tapes

The most famous celebrity sex tapes are: 1. Kim Kardashian and Ray J sex tape – by far the most popular sex tape ever and this is what made Kim Kardashian so famous. 2. Farrah Abraham sex tape – the MTV teen mom star just released her sex tape and it sold even better than Kim Kardashian tape during the first days. 3. Myla Sinanaj sex tape - same call Myla's tape the anti Kim Kardashian sex tape but the true is that Kris Humphries' ex is very hot and the tape is of very good quality. Read more [...]

Watch Kim Kardashian & Ray J Sex Tape

You’ve probably heard of the infamous Kim Kardashian sex tape stills that are floating around the internet but you’ve never seen images quite like these. The editors have stopped the video at key moments to show you how down and dirty these two celebrities will get with each other. This gives you the optimum amount of luscious, sexy eye-candy for your viewing pleasure as the video downloads to your computer. What should you expect from the Kim Kardashian sex tape stills? One scene features Read more [...]

Kim Kardashian Not Behind Sex Tape Buy-Back

Vivid Entertainment boss Steve Hirsch has revealed that Kim Kardashian is not the secret buyer who is looking to buy the Kim Kardashian sex tape out of the market. A lot of rumours have started floating since the company received an offer for an undisclosed amount for which the entire rights of the Kim Kardashian sex tape would be transferred. Many also thought that it was Kim Kardashian's ex-boyfriend Ray J, who was behind this. However, this has since been ruled out. Now, it is thought that Read more [...]