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LeAnn Rimes Sex Tape Rumoured

LeAnn Rimes has become the latest celebrity to come under the radar when it comes to the rumours of a sex tape. The country singer had apparently filmed a private video along with ex-husband, Dean Sheremet, but it is now being prepared for public viewing. Some of the items that one can expect in this video are really exciting, with one being able to get views of LeAnn Rimes bending in front of a mirror. However, frantic work is going behind the scenes on the part of LeAnn Rimes to stop the sex tape Read more [...]

Jennifer Lopez Sex Tape Rumoured

Jennifer Lopez has become the latest to be subjected to the rumour of a sex tape after it was reported that her ex-lover Ojani Noa has footage of the Latin star nude. It has started rumours that Jennifer Lopez is being subjected to offers from major porn companies around the world to release the sex tape under their banners. Even though the footage is quite long, Ojani Noa has revealed that there will be about 22 minutes of footage in it, in which Jennifer Lopez will be nude. It is quite sensational Read more [...]

Pippa Middleton Offered Sex Tape Role

Pippa Middleton was undoubtedly one of the stars of the Royal Wedding and it has landed her the opportunity to star in a sex tape by Vivid Entertainment. The president of Vivid Entertainment, Steven Hirsch, has reportedly offer Pippa a cool $5 million to star in a sex tape and this according to many, is the best ever. Not only this, Vivid Entertainment is also offering another $1 million if Pippa could manage to bring James Middleton, her brother, to the party as well. Steven Hirsch has said that Read more [...]

Rob Lowe Talks About His Sex Tape

Rob Lowe has certainly showed he is funny side when he joked about the sex tape scandal that he faced in 1989. It was at that time one of the first of its kind, which actually made people be confused at the idea of it. Rob Lowe joked about the fact that he was well ahead of the curve back in the days. Currently, a celebrity sex tape is as good as it gets for the media, with millions of dollars revenue being generated in it. However, back in the days, it was certainly a new phenomenon, in which Rob Read more [...]

New Kendra Wilkinson Sex Tape About to Be Released

Kendra Wilkinson is not a stranger to sex tapes. In fact, her sex tape that is currently doing the rounds is one of the most popular sex tapes ever. However, it is expected that it will be soon joined by another one, which is going to be shocking for Kendra Wilkinson who failed in attempts to stop the first one. Even though she was paid a handsome $680,000 for the first one, it is expected that she will be doing all she can in order to stop this new one from releasing. The other details of the sex Read more [...]

AEBN Renews Paris Hilton Sex Tape Streaming Rights

AEBN has renewed its rights to stream all the content of the Paris Hilton Sex tape. The company revealed that the Paris Hilton sex tape, which released in 2004, still remains as one of the bestselling sex tapes of all time and they are extremely pleased to renew their deal. The one-year deal is expected to be a major revenue source for the company. The Paris Hilton sex tape was reportedly shot in early 2000s. It featured the hotel heiress and Rick Solomon, her then boyfriend. Even though there Read more [...]

Steven Hirsch Ready to Help Usher

Steven Hirsch has apparently come to the rescue of R 'n' B singer Usher after revealing that he is willing to help the singer by stopping the spread of his sex tape. Usher's sex tape supposedly features Usher with his ex-wife. Unlike many of the sex tapes that have been released under the supervision of Steven Hirsch, Vivid Entertainment, he has suddenly decided that this one is intimate and hence, should be prevented from being released. There have been no real rumours as to why Steven Hirsch has Read more [...]

Usher Raymond’s Sex Tape Released

Usher Raymond is the latest celebrity to have a sex tape released after a sex tape featuring the singer and his ex-wife was released. Even though the actual source of the release is unknown, it is thought that the robbery that Usher Raymond was subjected to in 2009 is the reason for it. Usher Raymond initially said at that time that his car contained jewellery and two laptops, but it now seems that there was more to it than just pieces of glittering items and computers. It is thought that Read more [...]

Bobbi Kristina’s Sex Tape Getting Ready For Release?

Bobbi Kristina, daughter of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown was arrested for doing cocaine a week ago. If you though that this was shocking, then look ahead because it seems that she has her sex tape as well to go along with it. The sex tape has not been released yet mainly because of the fact that she hadn't turned 18 at the time of filming. There has been talk, however, that the tape is extremely explicit. It was not long ago that a star's daughter had her sex tape released. It was Read more [...]